3d Basics & Building Interaction

Making an interactive prototype from scratch quickly touches a broad range of different aspects. For creators who are new to this digital process, this workshop gives an overview on leading concepts of vvvv and how they interact to get the big picture working.

What’s happening in the workshop?
We will get used to working in 3D scenes with Microsoft Kinect tracking data and touch a lot of further leading concepts of vvvv like built-in shaders, communication with protocols like OSC and MIDI, using contributions and more.

Who is the target audience of the workshop?
Artists and designers who have a basic idea of vvvv and want to start building patches for interactive works.

What will attendees of the workshop learn?
Starting off with describing the basics of 3D graphics in vvvv and using the most well known and common nodes and development patterns to get an overview, we explore the skeleton tracking capabilities of the Microsoft Kinect and build a prototype to visualize the data. Also what the OSC protocol is and why it is a very useful tool when building interactive or generative remotely controlled projects.

At the end of this workshop you will leave with a general understanding of 3D basics: transformations, camera, shaders; sending and receiving data with the OSC protocol; and building a simple interactive prototype using the sensor data as example.


presumed knowledge

  • Basic Tutorials
  • The User Interface
  • Patching Concepts

    Event Type
    • Workshop


    • Wednesday
      10:00 am - 1:00 pm
      2:30 pm - 5:30 pm




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