3d Printing Instance Noodles

We create and modify geometry models with the full rendering and computer vision power of vvvv and its contribution Instance Noodles – and then 3d print it. Welcome to this new fabrication workflow.

What’s happening in the workshop?
After focusing on the possibilities that instance noodles provide to create parametric meshes suitable for 3d printing and some guided examples, participants can experiment and print their own objects.

Who is the target audience of the workshop?
It’s for anyone who wants to learn about the benefits (and disadvantages) of creating models for 3d printing in vvvv, compared to traditional CAD/modeling tools.

What will attendees of the workshop learn?

  • The whole workflow: From creating meshes in vvvv, importing the geometry to a slicer software to setting up the correct print parameters and printing.
  • Transforming different datasets (e.g. based on pointclouds of Microsoft Kinect scans, microphone, etc) into a physical object by using Instance Noodles geomfx nodes.
  • Creating simple parametric ‘CAD’-parts (e.g. boxes, hinges, mechanical parts) using Instant Noodles sdf solids
  • Avoiding pitfalls

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Event Type
  • Workshop


  • Saturday
    2:30 pm - 5:30 pm


Tatcraft Tribune


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Please also visit the introductory workshop on 3d printing, if you are new to the topic.

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