Sound Performance

3d Immersive Sound Performance Evening

Friday evening seals an intense week of concentrated learning for the participants of NODE17’s creative coding workshops. We therefore prepared a chillout evening with mainly atmospheric ambient music – all served in 3d with our immersive speaker setup.

Let’s reflect the knowledge injection of the last days and refuel energy with a refreshing drink, before everybody heads for clubbing to STAY_NODE at Robert Johnson.


We explore spatial sound as a medium, playing on the relationship between sound, spatial awareness and perception.

A computer algorithm calculates the position of each emitted sound in relation to 28 speakers and the performance-space in real-time. This wave field sound synthesis allows for shaping every tone as an virtual autonomous object in space.

Acoustic elements of the compositions fly around you freely in space creating the experience of an immersive sonic environment.


6:30 pm
Jam Session
by workshop participants

During the day Concord hosts an audio workshop on performing immersive 3d sound. Participants open the public evening with a collective Jam Session demonstrating what they had been experimenting on in the workshop. Expect a lab atmosphere with sounds generated or controlled by interactive media gimmicks like 3d gesture tracking.


8:30 pm
Field Recordings and Improvised Noise
by Felix Deufel (live)

Felix plays an immersive audio performance with collected field recordings and improvised noise and ambient elements, arranged and moved live in space.

9:30 pm
Performance ‘No prophet’

Electronic / Noise / Ambient / Experimental

With his immersive sound performance ‘No Prophet’ TIBSLC focuses on the behavior of sounds layered in 3d space, aiming to unveil new aesthetics and different ways of listening.

The algorithms of the 3d sound renderer, which calculates the position of each sound in relation to the speaker setup and the performance-space in realtime, unlocks the possibility to treat every emitting sound as an autonomous object, which then can be moved freely in space.

With patches, created with the software Max/MSP, which affect and loop various Lissajous-Figures, Swarm-Algorithms and manual controlled position-data, the soundscapes of analog synthesis are shaped and arranged in relation to the space and compiled to static- or non-static texture — stretching the spacial limitations.


10:30 pm
Performance ‘Unknown Pleasure //’
by KlingKlangKlong

Whether you like it or not, sound will always have the power to guide your emotions. ‘Unknown Pleasure’ lets you dive into yourself by way of an abstracted, electronic and intimate composition played across an ambisonic sound system.

kling klang klong (Felipe Sanchez), z-achse (Andy Hoppe) and SONO2 (Andy Mühlschlegel) invite you to submerge yourself into a sound pool of cyber-emotions that will have the power to evoke your inner feelings, maybe even against your will.


Event Type
  • Sound Performance
  • Friday
    6:00 pm - 11:59 pm




This event can be accessed by donation and with all festival passes!

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