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Artist Talk w/ BBB_

Coming from backgrounds as diverse as being students of Electronic Media and Fine Arts, the prodigious electronic music and perfomance project has a lot to offer in terms of concepts and inspirations. Packed with their new and bold augmented reality release I’D RATHER BE AN IPHONE, BBB_ is not only an ever evolving performance project somewhere between electronic zen, post digital psychedelia and in your face theory techno, but also postulates thoughts and opinions on what they call the ‘philosophy of the future that already happened’. while reflecting on emotionality and irrationality in a world of global powers, big data and intelligent technologies.

NODE offers a unique musically enhanced introspection into the inspirations, concepts and theories of BBB_, in this artist talk hosted by Patrick Raddatz.

–  I’D RATHER BE AN IPHONE is part of the NODE17 Closing

Photo Credit: Robert Schittko

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  • Artist Talk
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  • Saturday
    5:00 am - 6:00 am


Karen Eliot Stage


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