Balance Wanted/Buddha App Says

Technologically mediated immateriality redefines among others a common sense of spirituality for a virtually-optimized self. Thereby, there is a need for reconsideration of a progressive religious thought for partly digitalized bodies heading into an undefined future.

In their scenographic installation Balance Wanted and performance Buddha App Says, BBB_ explores the aspect of spirituality in a life of a technological human, appropriating mythological symbols and metaphysical attributes of belief, sense of being and hopes for divine survival, into digital and web spaces.

Ritualistic, country nonspecific, physically-trying and in step with the times, a room for meditation offers a possibility for a participatory, philosophically-oriented reflection on the representation and perception of technological spirituality. It is a room installation inspired by references to digitally enabled and web distributed tools for spiritual development, complemented by a live electronic-music performance based on mind enhancement sound technics.

This performative installation invites visitors to deep dive into a world of techno spirituality. The show takes place in both physical and virtual spaces and levels, it involves 6 performers, and is open for 4-5 hours for an unlimited number of guests.

The artistic room installation is inspired by references to digital enabled and web distributed tools for spiritual development. 

Performance in collaboration with Dominik Keggenhoff.

Event Type
  • Meditation
  • Performance
  • Workshop


  • Sunday
    12:00 pm - 4:00 pm




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The meditation is accessible for 4 hours for an unlimited number of guests.

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