This workshops demonstrates the bidirectional asset exchange between the multipurpose toolkit vvvv and 3d specialist Cinema 4D.

Handling this workflow is useful for interactive real-time applications with complex 3d scenes and for high-end concept visualizations of those during the process of creation.


What’s happening in the workshop?
In the first half we will present a range of important techniques to create performant real-time assets in Cinema 4D and load them into vvvv. We’ll show how to bake complex light situations in Cinema 4D and then combine them with real-time effects such as point lights, shadows, reflection or fog in vvvv. In the second half we’ll move into the opposite direction: from vvvv to C4D. Sometimes a quick prototyping link between various sources of input, such as Kinect II, Phone+Accelerometer, Audio, Video, etc. and the C4D Viewport would be ace. When Xpresso is not sufficient and python a bit too clunky vvvv comes into play. Instant success.

Who is the target audience of the workshop?
VVVV users who like to previsualize installations, like videomappings in architectural context or create realtime “game” assets as well as C4D users with a hang for experimentation and unusual ways to create.

What will attendees of the workshop learn?
You’ll get an overview of various techniques connecting Cinema 4D and vvvv.
Keywords: LowPoly Modelling, UV Mapping, Displacement, Baking, Collada, OSC, PythonEffector

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Event Type
  • Workshop


  • Monday
    10:00 am - 1:00 pm




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