Compute Shader by Example

Boost the performance of your applications by executing specific calculations on the graphics card instead of the CPU. Get infected by grandmasters’ Vux extraordinary knowledge on shaders in vvvv and graphics card features with DirectX11!

What’s happening in the workshop?
General purpose GPU computing has become widely popular in a large range of areas, providing new ways or performing large scale calculations with high performances. This workshop will demonstrate compute capabilities, first going into general theory (why use it, when to it it, when not to use it). Then in order to show attendees the benefits of moving some parts of your application to the GPU instead of the CPU, we will demonstrate a selection of examples, all which have been used and benefited previous projects. We will also show how to integrate your results with a rendering pipeline, or to retrieve those for validation purposes.

Who is the target audience of the workshop?
Anyone who is interested to use compute shader in order to optimize their rendering pipeline, or use those to process arbitrary data.

What will attendees of the workshop learn?

  • Deeper understanding of DirectX11 resource types, and use cases for their usage.
  • How to write compute shaders to write to buffers/textures, and either retrieve result for validation or integrating results into rendering pipeline.

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Event Type
  • Workshop


  • Tuesday
    2:30 pm - 5:30 pm




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