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Creative Communities Meetup

This event is a great gathering of creative coding, curators, shapers and catalysts from different countries around the world. Representatives from various communities around the world will share their stories: how they started a Creative Community, what challenges they face and how they are running their events and program.

Come and join us if you are a festival maker, a curator, a CC Community organizer, would like to become one, or just would like to discuss how connecting to others within a community influences your work.



By Creative Coding representatives and NODE team members.


Creative Coding Communities

Learning and Networking Platforms at the same time: What is the impact of communities on creative coding and the individuals that participate?

Representatives from Creative Coding Amsterdam, Berlin, Tehran, Cairo, Utrecht and Tilburg will talk about their Creative Coding Communities and discuss several aspects of organizing a local creative coding community and answer your questions about it. The opening words will be followed by a Discussion and Q+A Session.

Moderated by a member of the Creative Communities Meetup.

Artistic Communities

Artistic practices are in a period of evolution all over the world. Universities offer new degrees, artist groups create new communities of artistic exchange and new curatorial practices shape the art field from the bottom up to the establish art world – be it in Iran, in Kenya or in Argentina. However, there are challenges that these new fields of practice encounter globally as well. In this meeting, we will discuss the opportunities and struggles that come along with our practice and strengthen our network as a global scene.


Input 1: The Digital Media Art Scene in Shiraz – Mohsen Hazrati and Milad Forouzandeh

Mohsen Hazrati and Milad Forouzandeh founded Dar-al-Hokoomeh, a New Media art project in Shiraz, Iran, a year after graduating from Shiraz Art Institute with the vision of creating a space for emerging artistic practices.
Dar-al-Hokoomeh has hosted exhibitions, screenings, talks, lectures and workshops and has from its inception been at the forefront of the intersection of culture, art and technology within Iran and on an international level.
Dar-al-Hokoomeh produces New Media events that are a chronological step in continuing an Iranian tradition of exploring media ranging from film to video and sound art. Not only through the exploration of the possibilities of New Media itself but also through combining this with an underlying depth, richness and humorous wit that is uniquely Shirazi.
Input 2: The Folder Foundation – Ali Khadivar

The Folder Foundation is based in Shiraz and was established in 2017 by Ali Khadivar, an art investor and entrepreneur. It is an art sponsorship initiative focused on supporting and promoting emerging artists who are mostly – but not exclusively – active in the field of digital and new media arts. It aims to provide them with the education and the equipment they need for further developing themselves as artists. The foundation is the first in a series of planned projects, initiatives, and organisations in order to explore artistic, social, cultural, educational, technological, and the financial possibilities and intricacies of the digital, post internet era.
Input 3: New media art and its development in Argentina – Cristian Reynaga

The context of artistic production and theoretical research of media art in Latin America reveals that its political, economical and cultural history comes from a complex social development.
The ups and downs that new media art has faced in the last 20 years in terms of production did not allow it to be a formal discipline in the institutional scene. Most of the times, the pieces reflex about itself and how the piece works or was created, and this situation avoid the perception of non-technical spectators and broad audience.

In this talk, we will formulate hypothesis to discuss if this could be a problem or an opportunity in order to find out how new media art should shape its interaction with the audience and historical artistic institutions as museums and galleries.



Open Stage

Share your own efforts or wishes on digital arts community building, discuss creative coding with like-minded people, and be a part of the worldwide community of people who love art and code. Let us know if you would like to present something. Many community organizers are volunteers who do this next to their day-job, which means you can do it too!

Moderated by a member of the Creative Communities Meetup.

As NODE is running exchange programs in Tehran in collaboration with TADAEX – Tehran Annual Art Exhibition and Goethe Institut Tehran as well as the Nairobian Digital Art Festival by Goethe Institut Nairobi, NODE17 is the best ground to initiate discussions for further opportunities for exchange, collaboration and knowledge sharing in the digital arts world.


Event Type
  • Talks & Lectures
  • Thursday
    1:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Karen Eliot Stage


This event is for free!

13:00 – Opening Words
13:10 – Creative Coding Communities
14:30 – Break

15:15 – The Digital Art Scene of Iran
16:00 – New Media Art and its Development in Argentina
16:45 – Digital Arts in Kenya
17:00 – Break

17:30 – Open Stage
18 :45 – Concluding the day
19:30 – End