Marching Rays amongst shit jokes

Get introduced to raymarching, a rendering-technique extensively used by the demoscene to create complex, high detailed visuals. Leave the traditional polygons and materials behind and dive into procedural shapes, distance fields, blending and distortion methods.

Historically emerged in a medical context from computed tomography (CT) scanners in the 1970s, raymarching is adapted for computational image synthesis in real-time. As a complex rendering technique with many benefits over the established approaches, it is used to render high-quality images of solid 3d objects.

It extends the graphical expression of artists and delivers super efficient solutions, when being confronted with specific scopes like heightfields (to simulate surface displacement on traditional rasterized geometry) or implicit functions (for rendering things like fractals).

What’s happening in the workshop?
Me and princeMio marching our pet rays in an environment full of shit jokes.
(We be modelling and rendering raymarching distance fields in real-time using vvvv and HLSL shader code.)

Who is the target audience of the workshop?
Graphic geeks who are not afraid of sharks or seeing Pedro wearing a bikini.

What will attendees of the workshop learn?

  1. How to render and model distance fields ray marching, while retaining all your customer based interaction protocols and maximizing your revenues (sorry i went business mode at the end).
  2. How to texture said geometries with more pixel shading, UV mapping, material index, or your nan’s holyday pics…
  3. How to composite raymarched geometries with normal polygonal geometries using depth…
  4. How to look cool while Pedro points at you from the stands and asks you to Tango.

So what? 
Modeling with distance functions

presumed knowledge

How to comb your hair with flair and style.
Solid shader/HLSL knowledge will be good.


A bottle of The Kraken dark rum is compulsory as an offering to the raymarching gods (more likely Pedro will drink it). Also bring your sense of humour.

Event Type
  • Workshop


  • Saturday
    2:30 pm - 5:30 pm




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