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I want to be a self driving car

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The inventors Joey Lee and Benedikt Groß (moovel lab), Theron Burger (MESO Digital Interiors) in conversation with David Leonard


Besides A to B: imagining alternative futures with the self-driving car

Autonomous vehicles will undoubtably change how we travel and interact with the spaces and places in which we live. The projections of a future with autonomous cars are as ripe with logistical optimizations and new service concepts as they are with moral dilemmas and uncertainty. What is perhaps less apparent however is how autonomous vehicles will change our relationship with the emotions and the romanticism around the driving experience. How will autonomous vehicles affect our sense of freedom, nostalgia, safety, love, etc? In this friendly panel discussion, we will explore what types of digital and physical experiences could be explored in a future with autonomous vehicle travel and what types of emotive responses could be facilitated by these new technologies.


“I want to be a self driving car” is a collaboration between moovel Lab and  MESO Digital Interiors (Theron Burger, Johannes Lemke, Sebastian Kujas, Sebastian Oschatz and many more).


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  • Talks & Lectures
  • Thursday
    1:30 pm - 2:30 pm


HOPE pavilion


This event is free!


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