OpenVR Introduction

The technology of Virtual Reality with human tracking is currently driving the creation of new user experiences and challenging human perception with immersive interactive environments. This course enables you to build your own media installations with VR.

Whats happening in the workshop?
Participants will learn how to use the VR-related nodes. We provide two demo setups with HTV Vive.

Who is the target audience of the workshop?
Artists, designers and creative coders interested in using VR headsets or controllers.

What will attendees of the workshop learn?

  • set up the rendering pipeline
  • calibrate real and virtual world
  • interaction with the controllers

When everybody can handle the tools, we will collaborate on a small virtual exhibition that will showcase the works created during the workshop.


Our workshop hosts from schnellebuntebilder did these VR projects before:
Fantastic Voyage 
Mirror which was part of NODE15’s exhibition


NODE17 and its VR facilities get supported by

presumed knowledge


Event Type
  • Workshop


  • Thursday
    10:00 am - 1:00 pm




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