Lucy Railton & Peter Zinovieff

RFG for cello and computer

– Part of the NODE17 Closing event



The collaborative project RFG by classical Cellist Lucy Railton and electronic music pioneer Peter Zienovieff was born out of a long collaboration involving electro-acoustic manipulation, improvisation – and as rumour has it, Rowntree’s Fruit Gums (RFG).

Its structure is neither derived from modern electronic music nor does it comply with the traditional sonata form: RFG has a unique structure combining a live instrumental part and an assemblage of pre-recorded, manipulated material forming an “orchestral” counterpart.

Designed for performance with 7 spatially configured loudspeakers, RFG articulates a bold and luminous meshing of voices, a visceral encounter between a venerated technological innovator and one of today’s leading instrumentalists.

The 40-minute piece is composed for cello and a computer, needless to say, as Zienovieff was certainly the first person to wheel one onto a concert stage to perform ‘live’.

Event Type
  • Concert
  • Saturday
    8:45 pm - 9:45 pm


main hall


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