Social Media Meditation

Social Media Meditation is a practice that uses mindfulness based techniques to become more aware of how we act and react online.


The practice is centered around our smart phones. Participants will need to bring their own devices.
#SocialMediaMeditation helps you to connect deeply with your friends and followers. In a series of exercises we become more aware of what people post online and how that affects our mood and body.

We will acquire new insights with #MindfulScrolling, where we get into a deep trance scrolling through our news feeds, observing what is happening within and around us. Masters of this technique have scrolled to the very end and found enlightenment.
Join a global movement of practitioners that support and like each other!

Event Type
  • Performance
  • Workshop


  • Tuesday
    1:20 pm - 2:20 pm
  • Wednesday
    1:20 pm - 2:20 pm


HOPE pavilion


Social Media Meditation is for free!

It can be accessed by all tired and eager festival visitors.

Show at the HOPE pavilion on Tuesday or Wednesday at 1pm at you will be guided to the Mediation venue!

Of course, you can also get a festival ticket.

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Your guide to mindful scrolling