Young Workshop

Sweatshop Training for Teens

What’s inside your radio and phone? In the Sweatshop Training for Teens with artist Amelia Marzec participants aged 10 years+ join the game The New American Sweatshop: Training Module and learn about the composition of communication technology in a playful manner.

The Training Module addresses the lack of common knowledge surrounding electronics manufacturing, through a tabletop resource sharing game. Players become trainees in this fictional electronics cooperative. They barter for materials, using real electronic waste as game pieces, while avoiding hazards. The goal is to complete simple circuits that become building blocks for futuristic communication devices. In this way, they contribute to new models for economics and manufacturing. The game teaches players to identify common electronic components, and introduces the idea of a schematic. It uses barter, strategy, and chance to achieve its goals, raising the question of how a phone company could function in a dystopian future.


…und jetzt noch mal auf Deutsch:

Was Steckt in Radio, Telefon und Co? Im Sweatshop Training for Teens mit Amelia Marzec spielen Teilnehmer*innen ab 10 Jahren im halb-stündlichen Takt das Kunst-Game New American Sweatshop und lernen dabei, woraus unsere Kommunikations-Technologien zusammengesetzt sind.

Event Type
  • Young Workshop


  • Saturday
    2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Karen Eliot Stage


This event is for free!