Artist Talk

Tega Brain in conversation with Alexander Scholz

“Imagine a network based on nodes behaving like living entities rather than just being at your service. You no longer have some app providing you with a reliable connection. Simply filling some numbers into the DNS form won’t work either. Instead, you’ll have to spend some time to get familiar with each router’s individual personality. You’ll find that none of them are in the mood to run according to what you believed to be fixed standards, but rather display a good portion of eccentricity. One has a candle that needs to be lit – and also blown out sooner or later –an internet binge melts a lot of wax. Another is synched with the moon’s cycle. And then there is this houseplant you’d normally ignore – but no longer. Yes, it will graciously allow you to use its network however, there are some rules.”

Tega Brain’s project Being Radiotropic which is part of the exhibition Designing Hope let’s us question our usual behavior and our technologicdependencies. Tega Brain is an artist and environmental engineer making eccentric engineering. Her work intersects art, ecology and engineering, addressing the scope and politics of emerging technologies. It takes the form of site specific public works, dysfunctional devices, experimental infrastructures and information systems.

Interviewed by HOLO magazine publisher Alexander Scholz the artist will talk about her work and her design approach.

Event Type
  • Artist Talk
  • Saturday
    3:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Karen Eliot Stage


Entry is free for everyone!