Teleprompter Paradise

Electronica Mini-Melodram for two performers

– Part of the NODE17 Opening Night



If we’re all player and instrument at the same time, if we’re all our own prompters, what kind of resonance can result from this? How do we modulate all our wishes to one single wave? The piece “Teleprompter Paradise” addresses the desire to let somebody else speak for ourselves.

In this “electronica melodrama” two performers examine music situated between medial immutability and transience. The performers have not only their voices as instruments at their disposal but gestural controllers and sensors as well; furthermore their attention, their gaze, and gestures, which they use to stage-manage and comment the musicality. Their lips and eyes test the measure of their emphasis on one other and on the audience, and watch for reactions in order to amplify them – until a good fairy’s ghost is evoked, playing Chinese whispers with all attendees.


Concept, Composition, Performance: Leo Hofmann
Performance: Filomena Krause
Outside Eye: Benjamin van Bebber
Sound Regie: Andi Otto


Photo by Florentine Pahl

Event Type
  • Performance
  • Monday
    8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


main hall


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