The Hacking Orchestra – NODE17 Fixing the Now for Now

The Unexplored Pitch in the Misapplication of Ordinary Things.



What is the audiovisual character of a thing? How can it be sensually invented, re-interpreted, and transformed within the context of a band? In only ten days, students of Köln International School of Design formed together as dialoguing futurists and bizarre musicians, delving into the »principles of misuse« of objects to explore pitch singularities and through modes of »instant playing«, formed The Hacking Orchestra. Their first live performance centered on a wired sound park of found objects, including blenders mixed in automated percussion, razors and power tools effected, synthesized marbles, amplified water, a stroked radiator, sensorized referee stand, and destroyed TVs.Through unconventional inputs and outputs, The Hacking Orchestra enhances improvisation with hardware and software, creating circuits, translations, compositions, notations, and in the affordance of space, discovers live dramaturgy.



The Hacking Orchestra is a KISDproject, supervised by Prof. Nina Juric (Department of Image and Motion) and Prof. Andreas Muxel (Department of Interface Design). Participants: Kyosuke Ishii, Manuel Alejandro Juarez Saucedo, Martin Simpson, Stefanie Grawe

Event Type
  • Concert
  • Thursday
    7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


HOPE pavilion


Entrance free!

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