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VIRTUAL REALITY – subject, image, space

NODE17 is hosting a series of talks and workshops on virtual reality. With the conversation session VIRTUAL REALITY – SUBJECT, IMAGE, SPACE, Städelschule Architecture Class and NODE invite artists, technologists and other VR experts to discuss the role of VR for artistic and architectural practice. Prof. Johan Bettum and Damjan Jovanovic will share the research and discussions that evolved when bringing “The Large Glass” by Marcel Duchamp into AR, VR and Mixed Reality in the speculative project, “The Third Glass”, conducted in the Städelschule this year. The architect Liam Young will contribute to the discussion based on his ground-breaking experimentation with new technologies as cinematic tools for a narrative approach to architecture.

Amongst other contributions, Otto Krause and Milan Loviška will present “Third Life Project: HIRO”. The project takes on a new trajectory through the hybrid ecology of interfaces named HIRO that combines mixed reality environments with ubiquitous computing infrastructures. Playing with the aesthetic category of cute, the HIRO ecology investigates processes of “furrification” and “plushification” of the digital and physical forms and their potential to encourage the participants’ social interactions.

The sessions will address the changing role of the subject, individual presence, self-awareness and awareness of the other in the virtual. We will investigate the status of the image, new aesthetics and rules of visual communication, as well as the virtual space as a space and medium of design, a location of performance and social encounter.



Saturday July 1st, 11:30 – 17:30

With – amongst others – Liam Young, Third Life Project: HIRO, Jeremy Bailey …


A first meet & greet to get to know all VR experts at NODE will happen earlier during the week on Tuesday 27th at 17:30 at HOPE pavilion

The Berlin-based design studio, schnellebuntebilder, will be hosting a flexible VR setup that allows NODE participants to share their personal experiments in VR. Several VR workshops will introduce techniques for VR design and address specific challenges. More details on the VR workshop program are given in the workshop chapter of this magazine.






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  • Talks & Lectures
  • Saturday
    11:30 am - 5:30 pm


HOPE pavilion


Free for everyone!