About the multipurpose toolkit vvvv

VVVV is a visual programming environment
for rapid prototyping and producing
interactive installations and generative art.


It can be used to create media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video. It is used by artists and creators from disciplines such as generative art, data visualization, motion and animation design, computational design and architecture, interaction design and interactive media. For more advanced scenarios, applications created in vvvv can combine visual programming with HLSL code for shader programming and C# code. Read more

Where to obtain vvvv?
VVVV and VL are both free for non-commercial use and available for download on the Internet. Commercial use requires a license.



…and what the hell is vl?

VL is a new visual language which works together with vvvv perfectly in harmony. It allows users to express their ideas in more intuitive ways, opening itself up to an even wider range of audiences. Also it allows the direct use of many pre-existing programming libraries available often as open-source on the internet which makes the resources at the hand of a VL developer seemingly endless.

The main claims of vvvv and vl are their ease of use for beginners as well as their application on a professional level. As such they are considered reasonable choices for getting started with creative coding.


If you are new vvvv, we suggest the following workshops

If you’re basically new to vvvv you best choose one of our 3 beginner workshops that start on monday. Two of them (in German and English) go for 2 days straight, whereas the vvvv beginner for Programmers takes a bit faster route and only goes on monday.

You then know all the essential basics and can consider yourself to be able attending at our program of intermediate workshops.

Our suggestion is that you go on with the workshop 3D Basics & Building Interaction on wednesday, take either the class Transformations or Introduction to Rendering with DirectX11 on thursday.

Finish off the week on saturday with either the full-day creative workshop Cutting and Folding Paper, –or: First choose in the morning between Video Effects & Compositing, vvvv.js, How to use a State Machine or Kinect Basics and then in the afternoon have some Projection Mapping or Multi-user VR.