Here you find a selection of accommodation options in Frankfurt.



For the first time NODE17 offers a hosting program: NODEsurfing!

Hosts that offer one or more sleeping opportunities will not only get free entry to the festival opening, but also the chance to get in touch with the vibrant, international festival community through their guest(s).

NODEsurfing is brought to you by HOPE Lab!

Our preferred hotels and hostels in Frankfurt

We strongly recommend the following hostels and hotels:

Five Elements Hostel

This hostel is a friendly place in the heart of the hip neighborhood
of the central train station. You will be taken care of very nicely!

Special offer : if you book Five Elements and put the keyword NODE17
in the information field, you will have free breakfast!

Hotel am Zoo

Is close to the venue and a nice, simple and comfortable place to spend your NODE week. Wi-Fi must be purchased additionally.