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The Berlin-based studio for design and production of spatial and interactive media-installations “m box“ showcases their “m ctrl” framework – an in-house approach to bring generative technology closer to artists with no programming knowledge. „m ctrl” is an audiovisual realtime framework built upon vvvv — its development is also an ongoing experiment which tries to build a bridge between focusing on developing flexible all-round tools on one side, but also fulfilling the requirements of ongoing projects on the other side. m box will provide insight into idea and motivation behind the development as well as the technological approach behind it.

On stage: Martin Retschitzegger, Creative Director and Founder of m – box together with Johannes Schmidt aka Coffered and Alexander Shaliapin (raiment), the core developers of the m-ctrl Framework.

Introduction & Q&A with Aeneas Stankowski

VVVV at m box: ctrl

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  • Thursday
    6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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