Christopher Kriese

Christopher Kriese was born in 1987 in Kassel and grew up in Brazil and Germany. He first studied law and Brazilian law at the “Humboldt University of Berlin”. After working with Frank Castorf and
Meg Stuart at the “Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz” and being part of various productions with the youth theater “P14”, he studied theater and theater pedagogy at the “Zurich University of the Arts”. After completing his master’s degree, he’s now teaching at the “Zurich University of the Arts”. Two of his focuses are to link the theater education with the independent theatre scene in Zurich and to open up a space within the theater curriculum in which the students can theoretically and practically reflect their social responsibility. In addition, he is part of the “AG refugees” and is involved in establishing international cooperations with Hong Kong and Brazil. He is a founding member of the Neue Dringlichkeit collective.