Cristian Reynaga

Cristian  is an interaction designer and new media curator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His work mixes exhibition design, data analysis and cultural studies, using data visualization and data mining as techniques for his researches about electronic art history in Argentina among other curatorial projects. He works creating and designing festivals and exhibitions gathering new media art, emerging technologies and live audiovisual performances.
Cristian is founder and co-curator of +CODE Electronic Art Festival. +CODE, since 2015, is an annual gathering and a unique opportunity for artists, researchers, and other specialists to share their experiences on the intersection between art and technology. Also, he is member and coordinator of Internet of Things and Processing Buenos Aires communities.
He graduated in Electronic Arts and he also holds a diploma in Cultural Industries and Digital Convergence. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Visual Arts Curatorship from the Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero (City of Buenos Aires, Argentina).



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