Daniel Schauf

Daniel Schauf grew up in Haan(Rheinland), he lives and works in Frankfurt am Main. He studied literature, history  and philosophy at the FU Berlin and theatre-direction at HFMDK Frankfurt/Main.
During his studies his productions were shown at Theater Heidelberg, Thalia Theater Hamburg and the Maxim Gorki theater Berlin. His work  was invited  to festivals in Amsterdam, Paris and Vienna.
His last projects include ‘The National Theatre ح  الوطني Il Teatro Nazionale: BLICKAKTE’ and  a piece for the Fatzer days at Ringlokschuppen Mülheim/Ruhr.  He was artist in residence at Fleetstreet Hamburg and since 2014 he is working for Festival of Young Artisst Bayreuth and as artistic leader for studioNAXOS where his work FALLS DIESE VORSTELLUNG BEIBEHALTEN WIRD (after a novel by Samuel Beckett) and STRATEGIEN BEGRENZTER BEUNRUHIGUNG were shown.


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