David Gann


In the past 6 years David Gann was working as a vvvv developer next to his studies, collecting experience in collaborative projects with amazing artists and companies like Meso, Ars Electronica, Everyoneishappy, 17k, Refik Anadol, Quadrature and many more.

On the academic track he did the B.Sc. in Biological Sciences and the M.A. in Interface Cultures. Whereas the connecting string between the two is the scientific interest in computer graphics, which finds its channel in various forms of interactive audio visual artworks, often connected to data viz. He was also holding regular workshops and lectures in various institutions.

In the last year he focused on the master thesis where he could find some time diving into game programming which resulted in a library for procedural generation in vvvv and a game engine implementation in vvvv.js and WebGL.

By now he became a parent and is travelling the world with his little family, slowly coming down from the brain overload which was caused with all the vvvv entanglement.


Workshop Host