Jens A. Ewald

Jens lives and works in the north of Germany. He studied philosophy at the TU Darmstadt and, with detours to the TU and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, finished with a diploma on the relation of code and structural film at the Muthesius Academy in Kiel. There he teaches at the interface design department as a senior lecturer since 2010. His teaching focuses on experimental practices with hard- and software, involving the Arduino platform, electronics and different modes of programming. He is also the supervisor of the the MUiD Prototyping Lab, together with his colleague LaserLars.

Since 2005 he is a fellow of the soundart collective staalplaat soundsystem, building software and electronics – from hacking auto-rikshaws in New Delhi to combining mobile phones and trees with MIDI or the railway station in the Hague.


Workshop Host