Martin Zrcek

Martin Zrcek was a classically trained programmer with knowledge from Czech Technical University, when one fine day id144 introduced him to vvvv and he fell in love with visual languages immediately. In the next nine years he worked as a freelancer for many European companies like Uberact in London and focus4 in Munich, where he made some nice projects.

His personal deviation is pedantry, he likes linear algebra and keeps learning to draw, play the guitar and dance salsa. You could remember some contributions like CiantParticles, ParticlesUnplugged, few shaders, or his toolkit. All have over 10k downloads in sum. In October last year he came back to Prague, created a company focusing on virtual reality in Unreal Engine and paused his vvvv work. He has a good team now and would like to go back again to interactivity.


Workshop Host

Martin Zrcek