Mohamed Elwakil

Mohamed Hossam is a New media artist , Creative Coder and Art Manager based in Cairo .He is the founder of Creative Coding Cairo and the interaction design mentor at Fablab Egypt . Mohamed is part of the creative and making community in Egypt with diverse range of experiences across the creative industry in art, design, culture and technology.  He use sound and light as mediums indoor and in public spaces in his artworks.

He joined as a contributing Artist in a Phd Research project about “ Digital Museums” in Wales – UK and joined Exhibitions in places like at National Museum of Wales, Goethe Institute, Cairotronica Symposium, Opera House.

He also Joined and organised various national and international festivals, conferences and events as he used to be the director for the Art Shower Festival, a team member at Cairotronica international symposium for new media and electronic art and as a volunteer at the Art & Emerging Technologies exhibition at Siggraph Asia Conference.



mohamed hossam