Nele Solf

Nele Solf was born in 1987 in Berlin. A literary scholar by trade, she works as lector, editor, theater maker, and organizer in a variety of collectives and institutions. She studied comparative literature and theater at Freie Universität Berlin. At the university she was a student assistant, working as a tutor and assistant researcher in two research groups. As a lector she worked on different books, as an editor she co-published a humanities-centered journal. Since 2014 she’ s part of the collective Neue Dringlichkeit. For some years now she is interested in developments in the german and international digital culture, focusing on data security, transhumanism and hacktivism. Pursuing that interest she visits events like Chaos Communication Congress, and co-organized the Refugee Hackathon (Berlin 2015) and the NASA SpaceAppsChallenge in Leipzig (2016).