Nemanja Knežević

Nemanja Knežević is a freelance photographer based in Belgrade, Serbia. He is one of the founding members of Belgrade Raw, photo collective exploring social and urban aspects of the city life. His work has been commissioned by various organizations, institutions and magazines, whereas he has also been working as a photo team coordinator on major festivals and conferences (Exit, Share, Resonate).

Among his personal work, diverse fanzines and photo books stand out (Budapest and Sarajevo being the most recent ones), continually depicting the places of his travels. These publications are also the indicator of Knežević’s approach to photography, where as an author he assumes the position of an observer and a mapper of social/cultural curiosities through landscapes or, far more often, cityscapes.

Nemanja Knežević has been part of the NODE team since the 2015 edition of the festival.


Head of Phototeam

Team Member