Sebastian Huber


Sebastian is part of schnellebuntebilder, a studio for animation and interaction based in Berlin. Since 2011, they have been bringing data and pixels to life. Their handmade, generative and interactive design is best suited to the museum space, shortfilms and performance arts: physical movements turn into visual languages, rhythms turn into structures, epochs into sound and image collages, empty rooms are filled with projections and grey facades enlivened with lights.

What kicked off with music videos, animated films and visuals soon led to a more complex, project-based teamwork in the cultural sphere. To implement their projects, schnellebuntebilder work closely with curators, exhibition designers, creative artist, dancers and sound designers.

Together they forge links between design and the arts: rendered animations and programmed graphics in real-time are both part of their repertoire. Anything goes as long as the group achieves their favourite result: schnellebuntebilder


Workshop Host