Theresa Behling

*1990 in Rostock. Since 2009 she studies architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) with Professors such as Christian Kerez, Tom Emerson and Adam Caruso and at the Royal Technical University (KTH) in Stockholm in Elisabeth Hatz’s studio. During her studies, she worked as a research assistant at the Institute for the Preservation of Monuments at Uta Hasser and as assistant for Tom Emerson. Practical experience she gained by working at Darlington Meier Architekten in Zurich and being part of the competition “Wohnen an der Gartenstadt Falkenberg” by ROBERTNEUN Architekten in Berlin. 2013 she planned and realized the conversion of Villa Huse in Vitznau. In 2016 she already worked with Neue Dringlichkeit on the implementation of the stage design within the framework of “SAID TO CONTAIN:”.