Yannik Geske

Yannick Geske was born in 1987 in Hamburg. He works as a comedian and assistant director in Berlin.
He studied history at the University of Hamburg and art and history at the Humboldt University Berlin. His artistic activities began with the “Buttklub” and the “Queeren Bubenballs” in cooperation with bildwechsel e.V. and the performance collective Damn it, Janet, as well as with the group Exhibitions “Fufu Black” and “Le Fufu Jardin” with Anne Imhof in Hamburg and Frankfurt. In Berlin, he worked as an actor and assistant director in some of the projects of HfS Ernst Busch, the University of Arts and the Center for Dance. Since 2016, he has been producing and moderating his own comedy show “Go West” in Berlin and performs regularly as stand-up comedian in Berlin and New York.