Workshops: Creative Coding Education with vvvv

Creative Coding extends the repertoire of existing art and design disciplines by new digital methods.

NODE17 hosts a one-week program with more than 50 hands-on workshops. We engage digital artists, designers and coders to unfold the potential of digital technologies.

Join our adventurous playground for open and interdisciplinary knowledge transfer at eye level and collaborate on experiments with digital and analog tools!

Open forum for knowledge transfer across disciplines

Our workshops address students, researchers, creators and makers from a wide range of domains, such as theatre, arts and music as well as interaction design, game design, architecture or scenography – and of course software development.

No matter which background and qualifications you have, join our open forum, get inspired, connect with others and boost your skills!

Be part of the vibrant community of vvvv software creatives

NODE is a hub for the creative coders of the open-source community congregating around the multipurpose toolkit vvvv – therefore, almost all our workshops are based on this visual development environment, too.

If you are new to vvvv, don’t worry: We will introduce you to this application and show you the essentials for easily prototyping interactive media installations and other ideas. Please see our suggested workshops for beginners!

If you are already familiar with vvvv or have experience in similar creative coding software (like Processing, openFrameworks, Touchdesigner, Cinder, etc.) our workshop topics will cover everything you desire. Please also check out our programme covering the activities in the vvvv community.

Content of teaching

The spectrum of genres and involved media within the workshops is multifaceted and covers many aspects of digital technology and creative techniques.

To name only a few highlights you can learn about: Virtual Reality, Human Gesture and Skeleton Tracking, Projection Mapping, 3D Printing, Immersive Wave Field Audio Synthesis, Controlling LED lights and all kinds of real-time rendered 3d Graphics.

We offer five categories of interests:

Patching & Coding: 
Learn how to use the graphical user interface of vvvv & vl, write logic and structure your applications, extend the basic functionality of the framework and optimize your workflow.

Graphics & Animation:
From zero to wow: Generate real-time rendered visual output with millions of objects. Get a solid understanding of the coordinate system, geometry transformations and vector maths. Map the virtual and analog world. Adapt physical behaviour to your digital movements. Tweak your shading to a maximum of realism and learn about the feature set of the graphics pipeline.

Hardware & IO:
Hack machines and interface the real world. Learn how vvvv communicates with almost all devices you can find. Tinker along and prototype in the fields of Physical Computing.

Create user experiences and challenge human perception with interactive environments. Make use of computer vision to detect human skeletons and gestures in 3d depth camera images. Digitize human movements and behaviour in Virtual Reality narrations.

Synthesize audio by effects and filters for distinctive compositions.
Use unconventional interfaces to interactively control sound environments. Experiment with our immersive wave field setup.

Choose the level that suits your skills

From noobs and students to experts and nerds, please choose from our 3 levels to assure maximum learning effect:

These are the obvious entry level courses for beginners without any precognition of vvvv. You should bring enthusiasm for computers and arts or design.

This level addresses more advanced topics for people either already familiar with vvvv or who have a strong background in computational design or other programming languages.

These workshops bleed even those out who think they already know everything about vvvv. Fasten your seatbelt, we serve you the finest hosts of the community!



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