During NODE17 our Hackspace will turn into an adventurous laboratory for prototyping ideas and critical making.

Join to tinker with tools and collaborate on hands-on experiments with creative technology.


The Hackspace is the main meeting point for our international network of makers and creative coders participating in our workshop program. It’s a safe-space for asking questions on an eyes level, collaborative prototyping and discussions on future developments of the software toolkit vvvv.

Equipped with a hardware rental corner and fab lab area, the Hackspace lets you tinker around and turn ideas into reality. Start playing with the tools you find, also bring your own ones and exchange them with those of others.

The curious public is cordially invited to get inspired, enjoy the creative atmosphere and become co-creators in these processes.

Next to beer in our bar, NODE17 presumably provides the following tools:

  • Projector and Sound for mini-presenations
  • HTC Vive with the possibility to exhibit our own projects
  • Microsoft Kinects
  • Leap Motion
  • 3D Printer (Ultimaker 3)
  • Arduinos and other Physical Computing Kits
  • Lattepandas
  • Paper Cut Plotter
  • Soldering Kit, Glue Gun
  • Screwdriver, hammer,
  • Many more…

Opening Hours:
Daily from 9am to 11pm