Of Patches and Projects

Of Patches and Projects looks behind the scenes of some of the most innovative projects of the international design, media and creative coding field.

In lectures, programmers, designers and artists share the greatest challenges and the anecdotes of their research and development processes.

  • What technical, design or ethical demands have been placed on the design?
  • How were obstacles overcome in design and implementation?
  • Which setbacks had to be withstood, and what were the lessons connected to these setbacks?

Be it inspiring talks, visionary presentations or making-ofs: Of Patches and Projects provides impulses for the expert audience and interested parties, shows new interfaces between the disciplines and subsequently offers space for stimulating discussions, exchange and networking.



13:15 – StiX
18:00 – VIRTUAL REALITY Meet & Greet (Städelschule Architecture Class, Schnellebuntebilder)


13:15 – nsynk – Gesellschaft für Kust und Technik
20:00 – Marshmallow Laser Feast and Natan Sinigaglia


13:15 – I want to be a self-driving car Benedikt Groß & Joey Lee in conversation with David Leonard
18:00 – m box: m ctrl bewegtbild


18:00 – Waltz Binaire – a creative studio for human motion in digital design.